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Behoud van grondrechten bij het gebruik van digitale technologie├źn voor e-gezondheidsdiensten (REINITIALISE)

REINITIALISE aims to strengthen scientific excellence and innovation capacity at UMCS (PL) in the field of preservation of fundamental rights in the design and use of digital technologies and digital communication for e-health services, with a specific focus on a) health-oriented technologies for active ageing, and b) prevention care in the sectors of nutrition and dietetics. Within this overall objective, REINITIALISE also aims to increase the capacity to attract and successfully manage EU funds at UMCS, and to involve, train and mentor Early-Stage Researchers (ESRs).

The twinning exercise carried out by REINITIALISE defines and implements a scientific strategy and a process of knowledge transfer which leverages on excellence of KUL (BE), UNIMC (IT), and EUC (IT), as well as on complementarities and synergies among Smart Specialization Strategies of the 3 regions involved.

To achieve these goals, REINITIALISE puts together a comprehensive plan of collaborative activities, characterized by:
- attention to reinforce the strategic thinking capacities of UMCS;
- a highly interdisciplinary approach, supported by the integration between social sciences and humanities and technology;
- a constant and active involvement of different stakeholders and the business community;
- an ad hoc training and mentoring for ESRs;
- an ad hoc training on EU project design and management of EU funds.

The plan of collaborative activities includes: staff exchanges for senior researchers and ESRs, academic symposiums, job shadowing and cross functional mentoring, showcase events, lunch & learn events, summer and winter schools, Venture Lab.

With regard to the Work Programme, REINITIALISE contributes to the reduction of internal disparities in the EU in terms of R&I performances, by focusing on UMCS and leading it towards a pathway of excellence. Also the Lubelskie region, where UMCS is based, will benefit from the project especially in terms of opportunities for socio-economic growth.

Datum:1 jan 2021 →  Heden
Trefwoorden:health-oriented technologies, active ageing, prevention care, nutrition and dietetics
Disciplines:Voeding en dieetkunde niet elders geclassificeerd, Gezondheidswetenschappen niet elders geclassificeerd