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The aim of ACHILES is to develop a more efficient E/E control system architecture optimized for the 3rd generation of EVs by integrating four new technological concepts. Firstly, a new wheel concept design will be equipped with full by-wire braking, including a new friction brake concept. 
Secondly, a centralized computer platform will host the e-drive functionalities and reduce the number of ECUs and networks while fulfilling safety & security requirements. It will support centralized domain controllers required to implement high automation and autonomy concepts, a key requirement for smart mobility. 
Thirdly, an out of phase control that will allow to intentionally operate the electric motor inefficiently to dissipate the excess of braking energy in case of fully charged batteries. 
As a fourth concept, a new torque vectoring algorithm will significantly improve the vehicle dynamics. The advances proposed will reduce the total cost of ownership by 10% and increase the driving range by at least 11% while increasing autonomy. ACHILES will be tested and verified in a real demo vehicle and in a brand-independent testing platform.
Datum:1 dec 2018 →  31 mei 2022
Trefwoorden:Electric Vehicles, control systems, electric brakes
Disciplines:Elektronisch circuit- en systeembetrouwbaarheid