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System and method for tunable precision of dot-product engine

A semiconductor cell (20, 31) comprises a memory element (21) for storing a first binary operand, which memory element (21) provides complementary memory outputs (Q, Qbar), and a multiplication block (22) that is locally and uniquely associated with the memory element (21), the multiplication block (22) being configured for receiving complementary input signals (X, Xbar) representing binary input data and the complementary memory outputs (Q, Qbar) of the associated memory element (21) representing the first binary operand, and for implementing a multiplication operation on these signals, and providing an output of the multiplication operation to an output port (225). An array of semiconductor cells and a neural network circuit comprising such array are also provided.
Octrooi-publicatienummer: EP3506084
Bron: EPO
Jaar toekenning: 2020
Jaar van publicatie: 2020
Status: Assigned
Technologiedomeinen: Computer technology
Gevalideerd voor IOF-sleutel: Ja