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Enhancer element

An enhancer element (1) for use in intraoperative assessment of coupling of an orthopaedic implant (5) to a bone is disclosed, wherein the implant and the bone form an implant-bone system having a first set of vibrational modes with a first mode density in a frequency range, wherein the enhancer element is mechanically couplable to the orthopaedic implant to form an enhancer-implant-bone system having a second set of vibrational modes with a second mode density in the frequency range, wherein the second mode density is greater than the first mode density. The enhancer element is mechanically couplable to a first end (4) of the orthopaedic implant so that it is adapted to receive impaction blows for introducing the implant to the bone. During a vibrational measurement, the vibrational response of the enhancer-implant-bone system provides information about the stiffness of the enhancer-implant-bone system.
Octrooi-publicatienummer: WO2020008003
Bron: WIPO
Jaar aanvraag: 2019
Jaar van publicatie: 2020
Status: Requested
Technologiedomeinen: Medical technology
Gevalideerd voor IOF-sleutel: Ja