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Onderzoeksgroep Fysieke Activiteit, Sport & Gezondheid


Tijdsduur:1 jul 2012 →  Heden

The Physical Activity, Sports & Health research group conducts research with societal impact on the health, physical fitness and sports performance of individuals and groups across the lifespan. The research fits under two Research Lines:

1)            Physical Activity for Fitness and Health 

Research topics within the Physical Activity for Fitness and Health research line are guided by the Behavioural Epidemiology Framework. This framework distinguishes five steps that specify a systematic sequence of studies on health-related behaviours, physical fitness and health, leading to evidence-based interventions and practice. Within this research line, we use a range of behavioural change theories (e.g., Self-Determination Theory, Social Identity Theory) and a diverse set of methodologies, including observational and intervention studies to promote physical activity behaviour and to reduce sedentary behaviour among a diverse range of populations in various settings. 

2)            Leadership for Team Effectiveness and Motivation in Sport research line

Research within the Leadership for Team Effectiveness and Motivation in Sport research line examines how leadership structures within sports teams as well as motivational factors influence team efficiency, team dynamics and psychological well-being in sports. This research line is mainly targeted at elite and recreational athletes in field settings.

Trefwoorden:sport, gezondheidsgedrag, sedentair gedrag, Groepsdynamiek, Coaching, Gezond ouder worden, Lichamelijke opvoeding, Interventie studies, Gezondheid, Gezondheidsgedrag, gezondheid, Observationele studies, Fysieke activiteit
Disciplines:Humane bewegings- en sportwetenschappen