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Hoofdorganisatie:MOTION PRODUCTS

The Flanders Make MOBI (Mobility, Logistics and AutomotiveTechnology Research Centre) core lab provides strong competences on:

·        PowerElectronics (w/wo emerging technologies) systems;

·        Electricalenergy storage;

·        Electric& hybrid vehicles, connected vehicles and autonomous vehicles towardsefficient drivetrains with low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

MOBIhas a leading position in electromobility, thanks to its experience of over 40years in alternative fuels, electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles R&D.The labis equipped withstate-of-the-art infrastructure and models for:

·        Thetesting, development and design of components - batteries, supercapacitors,power converters -, vehicle powertrains, and inductive and conductive charginginfrastructure.

·        Thetesting and development of vehicles and its components.

TheBattery Innovation Centre is the largest academic battery lab in Belgium withmultiple battery cells,module & pack simulation, testing and characterization solutions, testcells prototyping for proof-of-concepts and battery assembly optimization(Pilot-line with dry room). It covers Lithium-ion as well as new generationtechnologies (Solid state, Li Metal, Li Sulphur, etc.), upscaling (from coin topouch cell), 2nd life, standardization, etc.

Trefwoorden:Power Electronics Converters (DC/DC, DC/AC, AC/DC, MLC, ZSI), Design, modeling and fast virtual prototyping, Thermal characterizationa and testing, Advanced cooling systems and thermal management, Integration of emerging power switch technology (SiC, GaN), Power module in the loop testing, Reliability and failure mechanisms assessment, Prototyping for vehicle and machine applications, Advanced battery balancing circuits (BMS hardware), Electrical Energy Storage (battery, supercapacitor, Li-cap, etc.), Testing and characterization of cell, module and pack, Thermal and electrochemical characterization of cell, Accurate and advanced SoX (SoC, SoH, SoE, SoP, SoF) estimation (BMS software), Prototyping for proof-of-concepts and battery assembly optimization (Pilot-line with dry room), Electric and Hybrid Vehicles, Advanced simulation platform (Digital Twin of vehicles), Co-design optimization framework for vehicle drivetrains, Energy management strategies (ECMS, MPC, ANN, real-time capable), Testing and characterization of vehicle propulsion systems (vehicle-in-the-loop testing), Open vehicle platform for component and subsystem testing in the loop (connected, IoT), Multi-actuator systems, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, Digital Twin platform for vehicle drivetrains, ECO energy management stategies for fleets, ECO driving, ECO routing, ECO charging, ECO comfort, Machine learning algorithms for predictive control & maintenance, Charging infrastructure
Disciplines:Elektrische energietechniek, Automatisatie en controlesystemen, Hybride voertuigen, Innovatie en technologiemanagement