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Research Unit

Tijdsduur:1 jan 1990  →  Heden

The Health Economics Unit was established in 2013. It focuses its research on two themes:

  • Universal Health Coverage & health care financing
  • Innovative arrangements of social entrepreneurship for global health.

Our unit is strongly committed to excellent research as well as impact; a key strategy to secure influence involves heavy investment in innovative knowledge management strategies at global level.

Theme 1 is the most mature one, as it is the historical domain of expertise of Bruno Meessen, the head of the unit. Theme 2 is recent, but experiences a rapid development.  

The flagship research program of the Health Economics Unit concerns Performance Based Financing (PBF), a strategy our group co-developed 15 years ago. Since then, the approach has taken off internationally and has been adopted in many low and middle income countries. Our expertise goes from impact evaluation to generating knowledge on how to succeed national scale up of the policy.

Most of our research benefits from and feeds into our knowledge management activities, communities of practice (around 3,500 experts in total).