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Campus Guffenslaan


Hoofdorganisatie:Hogeschool PXL
Tijdsduur:12 jul 2012 →  Heden
Organisatieprofiel:PXL University of Applied Sciences has a diverse offer in Belgian Limburg. Within 7 departments and 2 schools of arts she organises 37 basic courses: 18 professional bachelors (24 specialisations), 1 academic bachelor, 2 master's and 16 graduate courses. With many postgraduates, advanced bachelor's programmes, training courses, conferences and seminars, Hogeschool PXL is a leader in lifelong learning. The 100.000 annual visitors to PXL-Congress prove this. Also in practice-oriented research, PXL University of Applied Sciences is at the service of the professional field. The 10 centres of expertise of PXL Research are known for their demand-driven, no-nonsense approach. PXL University of Applied Sciences works closely with the University of Hasselt in the Limburg Association of Universities of Applied Sciences. PXL University of Applied Sciences has offices in Hasselt, Diepenbeek and Genk, and is a second home for more than 9,200 students and 1,041 staff members.
Trefwoorden:levenslang leren
Disciplines:Andere ingenieurswetenschappen en technologie niet elders geclassificeerd