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Timmy De Laet

  • Onderzoeksdoeleinden:- Research on the relationship between dance history and contemporary dance, with a specific focus on practices of re-enactment- The reiterative nature of live performance in relation to (embodied) documentation, archivization, and historiography- The transcultural circulation of dance across different continents, with special interest in the migration of choreography through different spaces and times- New methodologies for dance historiography, including collaborative forms of making history and using these as input for contemporary dance practices and dance research
  • Disciplines:Andere humane wetenschappen en de kunsten, Geschiedenis van de voorstellingskunsten, Podiumstudies, Theaterwetenschappen, Visuele culturen, Choreografie, Dans, Voorstelling, Theater
  • Onderzoekstechnieken:Oral history; literature study; case analysis; historical research on primary materials
  • Gebruikers van onderzoeksexpertise:Choreographers and dancers; curators and artistic directors of cultural institutions (theatres, museums, etc.); art schools and conservatoires; performing arts critics; newspapers, radio, and television