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G.V. Baron

  • Trefwoorden:Overige technische wetenschappen, Algemene en logistieke diensten
  • Disciplines:Scheidingstechnologie, Oppervlakte- en interfacechemie, Modellering en simulatie
  • Gebruikers van onderzoeksexpertise:
    • Experimental study, design and analysis of existing separation equipment for bulk separation of gas and purification of gas and liquid steams by adsorption. Adsorbent selection and characterization. Test and analysis equipment for most adsorption separations and gas/liquid mixtures. Simulation and modelling of equipment. Pilot or labscale unit construction and design.
    • Modelling through ASPEN+ process simulation, Athena or own software. Testing on lab scale in some cases. Determination of phase equilibria. Literature search and process selection. Pilot or labscale unit construction / design.
    • Solving transport phenomena problems in research and industry (heat and mass transfer). Measurement, calculation, design of systems, modelling. Application in all industries. Often coupling with energy and environmental issues.
    • Modelling and simulation of chemical, energy and biochemical systems by dedicated programs (own development) or ASPEN+ simulation. Data collection possible in some cases. Experience in wide variety of systems (chemical, biochemical, energy,....)
    • Rational use of energy in chemical, bioprocess and pharmaceutical industries. Energy auditing, design and simulation of corrective measures. Data collection. Energy recovery and alternative design.
    • Characterisation of (micro)porous materials by adsorption and reaction for use in catalytic reactors. Reactor design and modelling. Novel reactors (PSR, membrane) for both liquid and gas phase. Catalytic hot gas cleaning.
    • Gas and Liquid Separation and Purification (esp. adsorption). Unit Operations (esp. distillation, absorption). Adsorbent characterisation and testing. Fermentation processes (reactor design and control). Cell immobilisation. Transport phenomena (heat & mass transfer). Energy saving in process industries. Process modelling and flowsheeting.
    • High throughput measurement and data mining for catalysis in gas and liquid phase and adsorptive separations with several robotic setups and extensive GC and GC/MS analysis.