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Ellis Michiels

  • Trefwoorden:Geneeskunde
  • Disciplines:Kankerbiologie
  • Gebruikers van onderzoeksexpertise:

    After I obtained my Master degree at Vrije Universiteit Brussels, faculty Medicine & Pharmacy, I was selected as a PhD candidate at the lab of Molecular Oncology under supervision of Prof. Dr. Ilse Rooman. Here I finished my master thesis, which was focused on pancreatic acinar dedifferentiation. Currently, I perform a PhD study aiming to establish patient-derived organoids as a reliable and efficient model to study fundamental biology of pancreatic cancer. Extensive tissue characterization and sequencing methods clarify whether these models are suitable to ensure patient identity. 

    My PhD project is sponsored by Innoser NV - a biomedical CRO service - located both in Belgium and The Netherlands. I am working on their PDXO project aiming to develop an innovative platform to test oncological drugs in a preclinical setting.