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Ann Dooms

  • Trefwoorden:Elektronica en elektrotechniek, Wiskunde
  • Disciplines:Informatie en communicatie, circuits, Artificiële intelligentie niet elders geclassificeerd, Orde, roosters en geordende algebraïsche structuren, Groeptheorie en generalisaties, Functionele analyse
  • Gebruikers van onderzoeksexpertise:

    Digital Mathematics with specialty in Information Forensics and Security

    • Fundamental Research: algebra (in particular group and ring theory), functional analysis (in particular fourier analysis, wavelets and other sparse representations)
    • Strategic Research: discrete and continuous techniques for digital forensics (layout analysis, image quality assessment, distortion detection, authentication, traitor tracing, ...) & security (cryptography, watermarking, steganography, signal processing in the encrypted domain, ...) 
    • Applied Research Domains: data science (AI, machine learning), parsing of documents with complex layout, image processing for art investigation including cultural heritage, medical imaging, image/video processing for broadcasting, secure cloud and edge computing, privacy preserving technologies, quantum computing