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Picture Stefaan Walgrave

Stefaan Walgrave is a full professor of political science at the University of Antwerp and conducts research into political processes, mass media, elections and social movements.

His research reaches a wide audience and has an important societal impact. No doubt you have already heard about the voting advice application ‘Vote Test’ for all Belgian elections since 2003. By now this has has been used by millions of citizens. He is also involved in, among others, the ‘Diversity Monitor’ of the VRT and ‘The Vote’, an annual survey of a sample of Flemish citizens about the political situation in Flanders and Belgium.

Being awarded an Advanced Grant from the European Research Council (ERC) just once is no small feat. Stefaan Walgrave has done even better and now has two of these grants next to his name. In 2012 he obtained funding for the project INFOPOL (Information processing by individual political actors. The determinants of exposure, attention and action in a comparative perspective), and very recently the POLEVPOP project was also awarded (How politicians evaluate public opinion).

View his projects and publications here and get to know him a bit better through his personal page of the University of Antwerp.


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