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Philippe Huybrechts

Prof. Dr. Phillipe Huybrechts was one of three Belgian scientists who recently contributed to the latest IPCC report that serves a key input into the international negotiations to tackle climate change. He gained his expertise as researcher and head of the research group Physical Geography at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. The research group focusses on ice and climate interactions as well as volcanology, geomorphology and natural hazard assessment. The work of prof. Huybrechts concentrates on modelling studies of past and future behavior of large continental ice sheets and mountain glaciers. The overall goal of this enthusiastic research group is to arrive at a better understanding of the role and dynamics of land ice in relation to the climate and its consequences for global sea level. As sea-level rise is threatening the economy, ecology, and entire existence of coastal regions worldwide this research is of utmost importance. The drive of the research group is clearly reflected by their engagement in a variety of projects. For example, the research group is part of the Copernicus Climate Change Service which supports policy makers by providing reliable information about the current and past state of the climate, the forecasts on a seasonal time scale, and the projections for various scenarios of greenhouse gas emissions.

Prof. Huybrechts has been awarded with several prestigious research grants amongst which a FWO EOS project which aims at revealing fundamental drivers of climate variability, and a H2020 grant which has ambitious goals such as providing a better understanding of ice-sheet processes and assessing the societal implications of ice-sheet sea-level rise over decades to centuries.

View the projects and publication of Philippe Huybrechts on the FRIS research portal and the web page of the research group.


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