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Veerle Buffel

  • Research Expertise:CURRENT RESEARCH -PROMISE Project (FWO-SBO), collaboration between UA and ITG Responsible for Work package 1: Web-Respondent Driven Sampling of MSM in Flanders Work package 2: Eligibility of PrEP use among SAM (analyzing the Together data) -SCUBY (H2020), international project, collaboration between UA and ITG, ‘SCale Up an Integrated Chronic Care Package for diaBetes and hYpertension for vulnerable people in Cambodia, Slovenia and Belgium’ Responsible for Work package 4: Exploring, collecting/searching for adequate (administrative) data and operationalizing indicators to monitor scale-up between and within countries, using a cascade of care approach. Studying the link between organization of care and quality of care (based on process and outcome indicators) as well as inequality in care use and adherence -Belgium: Developing cascades of care and quality indicators of chronic T2D and HTN care, using Administrative health insurance data (linked to labo data) for T2D care and using the Health interview survey data for the cascade of HTN care. -Cambodia:Developing household survey in Cambodia to collect data for HTN and T2D care -Slovenia: Using health insurance data •Primary care academy (Fonds Dr. Daniël De Coninck): Involved in WP 1 (developing a survey among primary care workers about self-management support, goal oriented care and interprofessional collaboration) and WP4 (action research on self management support, using realist evaluation methods) •Red noise project (co-supervisor, Ugent): A culturally-sensitive stigma survey among adolescents in Flanders: Understanding causes and consequences to tackle stigmatisation (a mixed method design) •Mind the Gate (co-supervisor, Ugent): Assessing General Practitioners’ referral of depressive clients of different ethnic origins through video-vignettes. •Expert in ECSR network: Labor market insecurity and health of family members, Bamberg, Germany Working on: An institutional approach to mental health and the mental health care use of unemployed people in Europe: Cross-national comparative research into the role of policies and social norms CURRENT EDUCATION •Guest lecture on ‘(Bio) medicalization’ in Health Sociology (University of Gent and UA) •Supervisor of master’s theses: Syndemics, Discrimination in health care, Unemployment stigma, Job insecurity and mental health among artists
  • Disciplines:Environmental health and safety, Health care financing, Health economy, Health promotion and policy, Preventive medicine, Epidemiology, Care for disabled, Health and community services, Mental healthcare services, Primary health care, Health, education and welfare economics, Data collection and data estimation methodology, computer programs, Comparative and historical sociology, Family and household studies, Migration, Social epidemiology, Health policy, Social policy, Race and ethnic relations, Sociology of gender and gender relations, Sociology of health
  • Research techniques:Research methods: -quasi experiments (vignette survey) -developing surveys and outlining surveys (qualtrics) -sampling methods (eg web based respondent driven sampling) -Administrative healthcare data (+ link with other data, eg lab data) Statistical methods: -multilevel analyzes -logistic and multinominal regression analyzes -Matching methods (propensity score matching) Statistical software: -Spss, mlwin: advanced skills - Stata, R: basic skills - learning SAS qualitative research techniques -in-depth interviews -Focus group discussion Feedback verzenden Geschiedenis Opgeslagen Community
  • Users of research expertise:-Researchers policy makers consultancy organizations -Students -Politicians -Research journalists -labor unions -interest organisations -health insurances and mutualities -health institutions (sciensano, sensoa, domus medica, hospitals, ...) -pharmaceutical industry ....