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Tom Smits

  • Research interest:I. Educational Sciences(1) German and English Teaching Methodology: German and English as a Foreign Language (DaF, TEFL)(2) (Foreign Language) Teaching : learning and communication strategies, differentiation, e-learning (CALL)II. Applied and Variational Linguistics
  • Keywords:FOREIGN LANGUAGE LEARNING, APPLIED LINGUISTICS, LANGUAGE VARIATION, Language and literature (incl. information, documentation, library and archive sciences)
  • Disciplines:Education curriculum, Instructional sciences, Language studies, Literary studies
  • Research techniques:Research methods in Education and Applied Linguistics:- qualitative and ethnographic research (observation, interview, CA, grounded theory)- case studies- (quasi-)experiments- meta-analysis and reviews- action research- mixed methodsResearch Methods in Variational Linguistics:- Empirical Research: survey, interview- Corpus Analysis
  • Users of research expertise:- Teacher Educators- Language Teachers and Learners- (Applied and variational) Linguists