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Stephan Missault

  • Research interest:Stephan Missault is a neuroscientist with expertise in animal models of neurodegenerative (traumatic brain injury, epilepsy, Alzheimer) and neurodevelopmental (maternal/prenatal immune activation) disorders, with a focus on the investigation of noninvasive in vivo imaging biomarkers (MRI, PET) and novel neuromodulatory therapies.
  • Keywords:EXPERIMENTAL STUDY, Medicine
  • Disciplines:Medical imaging and therapy, Neurosciences
  • Research techniques:Stephan Missault has expertise in MRI (resting-state and pharmacological functional BOLD-MRI, arterial spin labelling and diffusion tensor imaging), PET/SPECT, behavioural testing, brain surgeries, histology and some molecular techniques including qPCR.
  • Users of research expertise:Researchers interested in neuroscience.