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Sibyl Anthierens

  • Research interest:Professor dr Sibyl Anthierens is a social scientist. She is also the co-director of QUALUA (Qualitative Health Research University of Antwerp). Her research focuses on implementation science in primary care both for acute and chronic conditions. Her research reflects the complexity of the health care system and aims at understanding how it works taking context into account. It is clear that evidence alone is not enough to be implemented and that elements of context play a crucial role in translation and adoption of evidence, management strategies or the way that care is delivered. All her areas of application involve drawing together a set of qualitative research methodologies and the so called "mixed methods" where she has extensive expertise and experience in application, but also in development of the methodology itself.
  • Disciplines:Diagnostics, Gerontology and geriatrics, Immunology, Psychiatry and psychotherapy, Respiratory medicine, Tropical medicine, Other clinical sciences, Nursing, Nutrition and dietetics , Other paramedical sciences, Other medical and health sciences, Other clinical sciences not elsewhere classified, Health promotion and policy, Preventive medicine, Elderly care, Family care, Health and community services, Primary health care, Applied sociology not elsewhere classified, Sociology of health
  • Research techniques:qualitative research methods in health care
  • Users of research expertise:government Domus Medica RIZIV VIVEL KCE