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Serguei Sergueev

  • Research Expertise:As a liaison between academy scientists and industry, I am enabling technology transfer and valorization of academic knowledge via R&D contracts with industry and IPR transfer. Preparation or research proposals for European, national (IWT, FWO, Hercules), and internal university funds constitutes an important part of my activity. I attracted over 20 million Euro funding for the consortium "SusChemA - Sustainable Chemistry Antwerp" comprising 6 research groups of two departments of University of Antwerp.
  • Keywords:BIORENEWABLE CHEMICALS, INNOVATIONS, Chemistry (incl. biochemistry)
  • Disciplines:Organic chemistry, Sustainable chemistry, Other chemical sciences
  • Research techniques:Not applicable
  • Users of research expertise:We are interested in collaborations with companies, in the first place from the fine chemicals sector. This includes direct bilateral collaboration, VLAIO O&O projects, EU Framework program projects, and more.