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Seppe Terryn

  • Keywords:Mechanical engineering
  • Disciplines:Human-centered and life-like robotics, Kinematics and dynamics, Physical system modelling, Robot structures, Mechanical drive systems
  • Users of research expertise:

    Dr. ir. Seppe Terryn graduated his MSc in 2014 with highest distinction. He started his PhD on an ERC Starting grant SPEAR (Series Parallel Elastic Actuators for Robotics) of prof. dr. ir. Bram Vanderboght but received an FWO personal grant in 2015. In his FWO funded research he combined smart materials and robotics and developed a new multidisciplinary field “self-healing soft robots”, via an established collaboration between Brubotics and FYSC at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. In 2019 he graduated with highest distinction, felicitations of the jury and received the BiR&D Award, after which he continued as a Postdoc. In 2020 he received an FWO Junior Postdoc grant for his research on introducing redundancy in multi-material, self-healing soft robots. In parallel, he is managing the EU FET project SHERO on self-healing soft robots, the EU Marie Curie ITN SMART on smart materials for robots and the FWO SBO project AMSER on additive manufacturing of self-healing robots. In these projects, he is currently guiding a team of 9 PhD students working further on increasing the TRL-level of self-healing soft robots towards industrial applications, while performing fundamental research on self-healing polymers/composites, (additive) manufacturing, self-healing sensors and actuators.