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Sarah Hendrickx

  • Research Expertise:My PhD research focussed on unraveling the phenotypic and genotypic differences associated with drug resistance in Leismania parasites. To achieve this goal, both in vitro and in vivo procedures were developed to experimentally induce drug resistance. Finally, resistant and wild-type parasites were compared for their parasite fitness (multiplication potential, metacyclogenesis, virulence). At the moment also the immunological differences between parasite strains is being investigated.
  • Keywords:RESISTANCE, PHENOTYPIC VARIATION, VECTOR-BORNE INFECTIONS, PARASITE, Biomedical sciences (incl. biochemistry)
  • Disciplines:Parasitology, In vitro testing
  • Research techniques:- aseptical work in microbiological safety cabinet - maintenance cell cultures - light microscopy - flow cytometry - PCR - bioluminescent imaging - sand fly handling (microdissections, rearing)
  • Users of research expertise:Parasitologist wanting to work with sand flies