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Ralph Simon

  • Research interest:biology, bioacoustics, animal behaviour, echolocation, signal processing, sound measurements (ultrasound), spectrometer measurements, bats, animal communication, mate choice, computer controlled behavioral experiments, nature conservation research, bionics, bio-inspired engineering
  • Keywords:ANIMAL BEHAVIOUR, ECOLOGY, BATS, ANIMAL ECOLOGY, SIGNAL PROCESSING, SENSORS, Computer science (incl. applied informatics)
  • Disciplines:Animal ecology, Behavioural biology, Vertebrate biology, Behavioural ecology, Chemical and physical ecology, Biology of adaptation, Environmental impact and risk assessment, Sensors, biosensors and smart sensors not elsewhere classified
  • Research techniques:signal processing, sound measurements (ultrasound), spectrometer measurements, computer controlled behavioral experiments, programming (MATLAB, LabView, R)
  • Users of research expertise:nature conservation agencies, biologists, engineers, wind-power industry (environmental impacts of wind energy)