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Pieter Meysman

  • Research Expertise:Dr. Meysman specializes in the application of data mining and artificial intelligence techniques on biomedical data. He has worked on molecular 'omics data, genetic data, medical data and immunological data. He has experience with several common bioinformatics pipelines and has aided in the development of bioinformatics databases.
  • Disciplines:Data mining, Machine learning and decision making, Analysis of next-generation sequence data, Bioinformatics data integration and network biology, Computational biomodelling and machine learning, Development of bioinformatics software, tools and databases, Immunogenetics, Vaccinology
  • Research techniques:The data mining expertise includes a wide range of techniques from unsupervised methods (e.g. principle component analysis, frequent item set mining) to supervised methods (e.g. lasso regression, random forest, convolutional neural networks).
  • Users of research expertise:Dr. Meysman has collaborated in the past with research hospitals, general practitioners, biotech and pharma companies.