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Piet Couttenier

  • Research interest:Literary history in the Low Countries, textual scholarship, history of the book, literary documentation.
  • Keywords:TEXTUAL SCHOLARSHIP, LITERATURE, DUTCH LITERATURE, LOW COUNTRIES, LITERARY SOURCES, Language and literature (incl. information, documentation, library and archive sciences)
  • Disciplines:Language studies, Literary studies, Theory and methodology of language studies, Theory and methodology of linguistics, Theory and methodology of literary studies, Other languages and literary studies, Communication sciences, Information sciences, Journalism and professional writing, Library sciences, Media studies, Other media and communications, Product development, Other social sciences, Linguistics, Study of regions, Other humanities and the arts
  • Research techniques:- Literary analysis and historiography - Editorial techniques- Literary documentation
  • Users of research expertise:- Press- Media- Cultural organizations- Museums and documentation centra- Archives and libraries- Education- The broader cultural public