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Osvaldo Américo Bogado Pascottini

  • Research Expertise  (University of Antwerp):My professional experience is based on fundamental and applied reproduction. My current research goal is to unravel the effects of maternal metabolic stress on the uterine environment by focusing on endometrial extracellular vesicles composition and its effect on embryo development in a dairy cow research model.
  • Keywords  (University of Antwerp):REPRODUCTIVE BIOLOGY, METABOLISM, EXTRACELLULAR VESICLES, Veterinary medicine
  • Disciplines  (University of Antwerp):Reproductive medicine, Veterinary embryology, Veterinary epidemiology, Veterinary immunology
  • Disciplines  (Ghent University):Other agricultural, veterinary and food sciences, Animal biology, Veterinary medicine, Other veterinary sciences
  • Research techniques  (University of Antwerp):I have expertise in both clinical and fundamental setups, including: - Clinical: bovine and equine genital tract manipulation, ultrasound, embryo transfer, and ovum pick up. - Laboratory techniques: PCR, flow cytometry, confocal microscopy, in vitro embryo production, cell culture, and extracellular vesicles isolation. - Statistics: Basic statistics, machine learning, and bioinformatics (transcriptomics and microbiome).
  • Users of research expertise  (University of Antwerp):I feel comfortable working in a wide variety of situations and I think my expertise could be beneficial to researchers, PhD and Master students, and also to dairy and beef farmers.