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Meryam Krit

  • Users of research expertise:

    Meryam is a researcher at the Eco-mdelling unit. She holds an engineering diploma in Applied Mathematics and Computer Sciences from the french school ENSIMAG. She also has a Master in research in Applied Mathematics from Grenoble University and a Master in Bioinformatics from UHasselt.

    Meryam finished her Phd in statistics in 3 years where she developped new goodness-of-fit tests in reliability working both at EDF Lab in Paris and LJK at Grenoble.

    Meryam has a keen interest in combining her mathematical, statistical and programming skills to develop new models to understand infectious diseases dynamics and apply machine learning techniques to reach accurate predictions and forecasts.

    Meryam is the developper of the R package EWGoF. She also develops shiny interfaces and R/Rcpp models (for Rift Valley Fever, Malaria and Leishmania).