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Lynn Meurs

  • Keywords:immuno-epidemiology, B500-immunology, B680-public-health, eco-epidemiology, B680-epidemiology, health geography, B700-environmental-medicine, B780-tropical-medicine, schistosomiasis, helminthology, co-infection, B240-parasitology-(human-and-animal)
  • Users of research expertise:

    Lynn Meurs graduated in Biomedical Sciences (Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands) and joined the Unit of Medical Helminthology at the Institute of Tropical Medicine in 2007. Her PhD project focused on mixed Schistosoma mansoni and S. haematobium infections in northern Senegal (University of Antwerp / Leiden University / Institute of Tropical Medicine). Lynn uses a holistic, multidisciplinary approach - combining e.g. immunology, epidemiology and micro-geographical analyses - to understand helminth co-infections, and the impact of helminth (co-)infections on the host’s health.