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Leen Lauriks

  • Research Expertise:Expertise in thermal performance measurements in buildings. Specialisation in infrared thermography (ITC Level II certified), complemented by a wide range of measurements (air and surface temperature, air speed, heat flux, etc). Application of thermal performance measurements for energy retrofitting of existing buildings. Proficient in construction technology and building materials. Specialisation in historic window and glass retrofitting.
  • Disciplines:Built heritage and renovation, Energy in buildings and built environments, Non-destructive testing, safety and diagnosis
  • Research techniques:We have all the necessary equipment to perform thermographic inspections in buildings. The infrared cameras can also be used for thermal inspections in industry or medical applications. This can be extended by a wide range of auditing equipment for buildings, also for long-term modelling. The walk-in climate chamber can be used as a research or testing environment to investigate hygrothermal behaviour in complex structures and building connections. It consists of two rooms which are independently air-conditioned, and allows to test building and installation components (e.g. HVAC) and other assemblies, under different environmental conditions. A wide range of sensors (air and surface temperature, relative humidity, air velocity, heat flux and air pressure difference) is available for monitoring during test phase.
  • Users of research expertise:Thermographic inspections are relevant for monitoring all kinds of thermal phenomena. This can be interesting for thermal assessment of buildings (e.g. comparison before and after energy renovation), but also for application in industry, electrical installations, medical applications, etc. Auditing of a building can be interesting to all building owners/managers to get insight in the thermal behaviour of their property and the possible improvement regarding thermal performance. The walk-in climate chamber allows companies to optimize the design of their products (installations and/or components) during the development phase under a wide range of environmental conditions. These products can consist of building components (such as heat losses through multi-layered wall components) or installation components (such as heat pump efficiency tests). Product design as well as performance assessment aiming at improving your product’s technical performance (e.g. air-tightness of window to wall connection) can be performed. The climate chamber also allows to verify measurement protocols (e.g. building infrared thermography) under extreme climatic conditions.