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Kristof Titeca

  • Research Expertise:I work on governance and conflict in Central and Eastern Africa, in particular around the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda. Within this context, I look at: - Political dynamics in both countries, the role of development aid and the international community. - The rebel movements Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) en Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) - Conservation of protected areas, with a particular focus on Garamba National Park in Congo - Ivory smuggling - Public services (education, health, police) in Congo
  • Keywords:UGANDA, CONFLICTS, CONSERVATION, CONGO, Political and social sciences
  • Disciplines:Anthropology, Policy and administration, Social change, Sociology of organisations and occupations, Other sociology and anthropology, Citizenship, immigration and political inequality, International and comparative politics, Multilevel governance, National politics, Political behaviour, Political organisations and institutions, Political theory and methodology, Public administration, Other political science, Other social sciences, Democratisation, Development studies, International politics, Security, peace and conflict
  • Research techniques:Primarly field research through qualitative research techniques (semi-structured interviews, focus groups, observation, and so on), and to a lesser extent quanitative techniques (primarily surveys).
  • Users of research expertise:Academic research units- International organizations- National government departments and NGO's related to third world development and development aid - Media (journalists) - The general public with interest in development issues