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Koen Ponnet

  • Research Expertise  (University of Antwerp):Social psychology, Applied psychology, Media psychology, (Mental) health problems, Online and offline risk and problem behavior, Online self-disclosure of personal information, Attitudes, Adolescents, Advanced Structural Equation Modeling, Actor-Partner Interdependence Modeling (APIM) Multigroup Comparison Analyses
  • Keywords  (Vrije Universiteit Brussel):Political and social sciences
  • Keywords  (Ghent University):adolescents, problem behavior, Structural Equation Modeling, health risks, online health, financial stress, poverty, sexting, stress, online risks, sexual intimidation, drug use, digital exclusion, cyberdating abuse, Sampling designs, attitudes, survey designs
  • Keywords  (University of Antwerp):POVERTY RESEARCH, ADOLESCENTS, RELATIONSHIPS, FAMILY RELATIONS, Political and social sciences
  • Disciplines  (Interuniversity Microelectronics Centre):Display technology, Antennas and propagation, Automation and control systems, Analogue, RF and mixed signal integrated circuits, Neuromorphic computing, Audio and speech processing, Environmental safety and health of nanotechnology, Battery technology, Biomaterials, Ceramic matrix composites, Hybrid composites, Computational materials science, Metals and alloy materials, Polymer processing, Nanomaterials, Functional materials, Biomedical image processing, Biochemical engineering, Biofluid mechanics, Cell, tissue and organ engineering, Arithmetic and logic structures, Automation, feedback control and robotics, Bio-informatics, Analogue and digital signal processing, Engineering instrumentation, Environmental health and safety, Biostatistics, Care for disabled, Bioethics
  • Disciplines  (Vrije Universiteit Brussel):Other political science not elsewhere classified
  • Disciplines  (Ghent University):Social psychology not elsewhere classified, Digital media, Social behaviour and social action, Media studies not elsewhere classified, Other media and communications not elsewhere classified, Communication sciences not elsewhere classified, Social perception and cognition, Health psychology
  • Disciplines  (University of Antwerp):Applied sociology, Policy and administration, Social psychology, Social stratification, Social theory and sociological methods, Sociology of life course, family and health, Other sociology, Other anthropology