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Julie Jacobs

  • Research Expertise:CORE The Center for Oncological Research (CORE) has research expertise in personalized cancer medicine, with emphasis on 1) developing novel and more effective therapeutic strategies; 2) an improved detection and understanding of mechanisms driving therapeutic resistance; and 3) identifying and validating biomarkers for personalized therapy, in different cancers in need for improved therapeutic outcomes. Novel and emerging anticancer strategies that we investigate are targeted therapy, immunotherapy, radiotherapy, cold atmospheric plasma therapy as well as novel combination therapies. In CORE, there is a strong interdisciplinary collaboration between basic, translational and clinical researchers. The members of our consortium bring together unrivaled access to biobank patient samples and to a dedicated oncological clinical phase I/II unit with a unique and complementary set of methods and skills covering the entire spectrum of molecular techniques, 2D and 3D cellular assays (in vitro and ex vivo), animal studies and clinical studies. CORE gathers experts with an excellent research track record in targeted therapy, immunotherapy, radiotherapy, combination therapies, genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, bioinformatics, liquid biopsies, pathology and clinical studies. CD70 IMMUNOTHERAPY My own research focuses on innovative combination strategies with CD70-targeting therapy to 1) directly kill the tumor cells 2) strengthen the anti-tumor immune response 3) eliminate the immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment
  • Disciplines:Cancer therapy
  • Research techniques:Expression/secretion: Flow cytometry, ELISA, MSD Cytotoxicity & real-time cell analysis: sulforhodamine B assay (SRB), IncuCyte ZOOM System, xCELLigence Cell culture: 2D, 3D , primary cell culture, immune cell isolation, co-culture, cell sorting Underlying mechanisms: gel electrophoresis, transduction, transfection, PCR, RT-PCR, mRNA electroporation, pyrosequencing, bisulphite conversion migration/invasion assays: scratch wound, transwell, spheroid migration in vivo mice models: syngeneic, immunedeficiënt mice models
  • Users of research expertise:Patients (Colorectal cancer - lung cancer) Research on onco-immunology Industry