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Juliana Aizawa Porto de Abreu

  • Research interest:I currently work in finding solutions to treatment challenges, such as antimicrobial resistance, biofilm formation and persistence. My part in an interdisciplinary European Training Network (MSCA H2020) based on 3D printing of anti-infective medical devices is to prevent Ventilator-Acquired Pneumonia. My background in Veterinary medicine will allow the optimization of mouse models to shorten the path from fundamental research to clinical application.
  • Keywords:IN VIVO RESEARCH, PNEUMONIA, MOUSE MODELS, Veterinary medicine
  • Disciplines:Non-clinical studies, Medical intensive care, Infectious diseases, Respiratory medicine, Laboratory animal medicine
  • Research techniques:In vivo experimentation, encapsulation of bacteria in alginate to mimic biofilm formation, standardization of biofilm methods, optimization of pneumonia mouse models, microbiology, molecular biology, flow citometry, ELISA, cell culture, in vivo imaging, UV/Vis, LC-MS
  • Users of research expertise:Research groups with promising results - in vitro and/or ex vivo or with alternative models to animal experimentation - related to prevention and treatment of biofilm related to prevention and treatment of lung infections such as ventilator associated pneumonia or cystic fibrosis. Groups working with bacterial resistance and persistence. Pharmaceutical industry, additive manufacturing research groups or companies.