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Josefien van Olmen

  • Keywords:chronic disease, B650-psychosomatics, B480-diabetology, B680-public-health, B720-general-practise, B780-tropical-medicine
  • Users of research expertise:

    How to improve health and access to health care for poor people, is a research domain that spans both public and clinical health. My research interests include the evaluation of the capacity and organization of health systems and health services to deal with quality of care and self-management of people, especially those with chronic diseases, and to develop and evaluate  strategies to address these issues. I am also interested in health system analysis, implementation of health policy at global and national levels and governance of mixed local health systems and innovative approaches to health care delivery.

    I am skilled in qualitative and quantitative research methods. I work in East and Central Africa, in Asia and in West and Eastern Europe, in clinical and in public health.