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Joke Bilcke

  • Research Expertise:I have extensive expertise in health economic evaluations, in particular on how to account for uncertainty in such analyses, and how to interpret results with uncertainty. I obtained a Master in Biology, a Master in Biostatistics and a PhD in Health Economics. I conduct both conceptual-methodological and applied research. My research includes developing: (1) methods on dealing with uncertainty in health economic evaluation; (2) international standards for the conduct and interpretation of health economic evaluations, particularly in relation to infectious diseases; (3) methods for health-related quality of life assessment; (4) surveys to analyze people's health care consumption and health-related quality of life; and profound literature studies. I have undertaken numerous methodological and policy studies in various countries, including burden of disease and economic evaluation studies applied to influenza, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), pneumococcus, varicella- zoster, rotavirus and typhoid fever.
  • Disciplines:Health economy
  • Research techniques:Literature study, developing surveys, statistic analysis, developing models in the software program R
  • Users of research expertise:health economists, decision makers (e.g. ministry of health), medical doctors