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Jean-Pierre Timmermans

  • Research Expertise:The interfaculty research group ‘Cell Biology and Histology’ which I am leading, has the responsibility to enlarge the core facility ‘Biomedical microscopic imaging’ and to support the community of the university concerning microscopic imaging. Available services/expertise: - scientific and technical support in setting up new experiments belonging to the expertise of the core facility, and aid with interpretation of the results - technical and scientific support of researchers and students at the different microscopy systems of the core facility, including image recording, -processing and -analysing. Apart from the above-mentioned technical expertises, my main scientific expertise relates to cell biology and histology in general ant to functional morphology of the respiratory, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular system with focus on the autonomic innervation and neuro-immune interactions.
  • Disciplines:Laboratory medicine, Morphological sciences
  • Research techniques:- Infrastructure, materials, knowledge and skills regarding different microscopy systems [light-, fluorescence-, confocal - and electron microscopy (scanning and transmission),…] and their biomedical microscopic applications - Various techniques regarding embedding, cutting and staining of light-microscopic preparation (cryostat and paraffine sections) - Support and/or carry out complex immunocytochemical multilabelling procedures, including visualisation and interpretation of results - Support and/or carry out in situ hybridisation and (qualitative) RT-PCR protocols - Various techniques for embedding, ultramicrotomy , and contrast enhancement of transmission electron microscopic preparations of various biological specimens. - Preparation of TEM samples by high-pressure freezing and freeze substitution - Cutting vibratome slices and further processing for live cell experiments (confocal live cell imaging, electrophysiology,…) - Laser capture microdissection of cell(group)s for different applications
  • Users of research expertise:Collaborators of the research group Cell Biology and Histology support different external researchers (UA-related and others) in view of the UA core facility BMB and regarding scientific collaborations. Support is given for microscopy systems and the accompanying preparation techniques (embedding, microtomy, staining,…).