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Jan Reubens

  • Research Expertise:Dr. Jan Reubens is a postdoctoral research fellow responsible for the acoustic receiver network (http://lifewatch.be/en/fish-acoustic-receiver-network) , which allows flexible and cost-efficient spatio-temporal tracking of migratory fish species. Further, Jan is involved in the WINMON project which aims to assess the impact of offshore wind farms on the marine environment. He focuses on the effects on the soft sediment macrobenthic community and the benthopelagic fish at the artificial hard substrates. He is the responsible lecturer of ‘Fisheries’ in the EMBC+ master programme. In addition, he is an Advanced Belgian Scientific Diver responsible for scientific diving related issues in the lab.
  • Keywords:Acoustic telemetry, Fish migration, Fisheries, Hard substrates, Scientific diving, Unknown
  • Disciplines:Marine ecology, Sustainable fishery management