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Jan Cornelis

  • Keywords:Electronics and electrical engineering, General and logistic services
  • Users of research expertise:
    • Data compression of still digital images and of video sequences
    • Visualization of Medical Image Data and Analysis and of Medical Image Data.
    • Algorithms for image and video processing, e.g. tracking applications, segmentation of various types of images, pattern recognition, graphical user interfaces including the interactive manipulation of images, image matching, edge detection, image enhancement and restoration
    • Image-processing, image-analysis : visual inspection, 3D-vision, medical images. Digital signal-processing : speech- processing. Micro-processor (system) development. Medical instrumentation. Sensor technology (ISFETS).
    • Information society Technologies programme 2002 Health Care
    • BIOMED II Evaluation Grant Applications for Training, Research on Biomedical Technology and Engineering
    • Evaluation BIOMED II
    • High Performance Computing and Networking (ESPRIT)
    • ESPRIT Information Society Technologies - Humanitarian demining RTD projects
    • Information Society Technologies - Interactive environments for nurses and doctors
    • Panel Rapporteur Annual Project Review 2000- Esprit Humanitarian Demining Applications
    • IST - Applications relating to health, Cluster: Health care Professional
    • Unité INSERM -494, Quantitative Medical Imaging
    • Annual Project Review 1999 Esprit/IST, Humanitarian Demining Projects
    • Evaluation IST EDISCIM IST-1999-10100
    • Evaluation Proposal DIAMANT René Descatrtes Prize 2002