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Ingrid De Meester

  • Research interest:The overall focus of the research group is the study of Structure-function relationship of proteins among which enzymes, by using a combination of protein chemistry, biophysical techniques, and structural biology. The protease-related research is part of that and also uses quantitative and qualitative methods to characterize protease activities in biological matrices. The resulting research is very interdisciplinary and has as a goal to place molecular aspects of proteins in a relavant systemic context in oder to obtain a holistic viewof the biology of the organism. We wish to apply the obtained knowledge to develop better diagnostics and therapeutics.
  • Keywords:ENZYMES, MOLECULAR INTERACTIONS, Pharmacy and pharmacology
  • Disciplines:Biocatalysis, Molecular biophysics, Inflammation, Immunology not elsewhere classified, Clinical chemistry, Proteins , Biomarker discovery, Biomarker evaluation, In vitro testing
  • Research techniques:*recombinant protein production in bacterial and eucaryotic systems*purification of proteins by several chromatographic techniques*spectrofotometric assays for peptidase activites in biological samples*biochemical characterization of enzyme inhibitors*biophysical and biochemical techniques: dynamic light scattering, analytical gelfiltration, circular dichroism, fluorescence*Protein-ligand interaction studies: isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC), bio-layer interferometry (BLI)
  • Users of research expertise:researchers interested in the structure-function relationship of proteinsresearchers interested in the determination of peptidase activities in biological samples