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Hans De Boeck

  • Research interest:* Setting up experiments to assess the impacts of climate change (including climate extremes) on ecosystems, as well as potential influences of plant community characteristics (e.g. biodiversity, species composition)* Measurements of plant and ecosystem responses: biomass production, stress, CO2 fluxes, water cycling, energy balance, etc.
  • Disciplines:Climate change, Natural hazards, Community ecology, Terrestrial ecology, Plant ecology, Conservation and biodiversity
  • Research techniques:* Methodological know-how on setting up experiments and minimizing artefacts (statistical and technological)* A series of ecological measurements: porometry, chlorophyll fluorescence, infrared gas analysers, biomass determination, etc.
  • Users of research expertise:Companies and associations working on or having a stake in climate adaptation/climate proofing - in particular agriculture and nature management.