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Guido De Bruyne

  • Research Expertise:The research focuses on product ergonomics, in which product ergonomics is approached from anthropometric 3D models, physiological 3D models and Physio-Anatomical human-product interaction.
  • Keywords:HELMET, ERGONOMICS, COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN, SAFETY, Other technical sciences
  • Disciplines:Aerospace engineering, Automotive engineering, Design theories and methods, Manufacturing engineering, Mechanics, Mechatronics and robotics, Thermodynamics, Other mechanical and manufacturing engineering, Biological system engineering, Biomaterials engineering, Biomechanical engineering, Medical biotechnology, Other (bio)medical engineering, Environmental engineering and biotechnology, Industrial biotechnology, Other biotechnology, bio-engineering and biosystem engineering, Product development, Safety engineering, Other engineering and technology
  • Research techniques:1. Quantification of human thermal responses. 2. Anthropometry and Statistical Analysis 3. Quantification of helmet safety levels. 4. Computer-controlled design (CAD, CFD, FEM)
  • Users of research expertise:1. Designers & Design agencies 2. Medical Doctors 3. Industry