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Gudrun De Boeck

  • Research interest:Main expertise: Toxicology and ecophysiology of marine and freshwater organisms under changing environmental conditions (due to natural and anthropogenic pressures) with a focus stress physiology, energy metabolism and ionoregulation at different levels of biological organisation: molecular, cellular and organismal. Comparative animal physiology. Techniques: Toxicological tests: bioaccumulation, biomagnification and modes of action Performance tests: Swimming capacity and behaviour, challenge tests Fuel utilisation: Respiration rates and energy stores, metabolomics Ion homeostasis: Ion and toxicant uptake mechanisms, blood electrolytes and acid-base balance Biomarkers: Oxidative stress, stress and defensive proteins (e.g. metallothionein) and enzymes Regulation: stress hormones, transcriptomics, proteomics.
  • Disciplines:Animal biology, Biochemistry and metabolism, Fisheries sciences, Ecophysiology and ecomorphology, Ecotoxicology, Aquatic sciences, challenges and pollution not elsewhere classified, Aquaculture, Veterinary pharmacology and toxicology, Veterinary physiology, pathophysiology and biochemistry
  • Research techniques:Toxicological tests: survival,growth, fitness and performance, bioaccumulation, biomagnification Challenge tests: temperature, hypoxia, exposures... Aerobic energy metabolism in aquatic organisms (respirometry) Swimming behaviour (spontaneous behaviour) Swimming capacity (swimming flumes, raceways) Analysis tissue composition (water content, protein, lipds, carbohydrates, electrolytes, toxicants) Analysis plasma metabolites (lactate, glucose, ammonia, urea, electrolytes...) Analysis stress hormones (cortisol) Analysis biomarkers (metallothionein, oxidative stress...) Transcriptomics-gene expression Proteomics-proteins Metabolomics-metabolites
  • Users of research expertise:Aquaculture Industry Government Researchers