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Gert-Jan de Bruijn

  • Research Expertise:My research expertise centers around the application of emergent technological innovations for communication science purposes. Those technological innovations include, but are not limited to, Virtual Realities, conversational and social agent systems, automated text analysis and text generation, sensor data, and (social) network analysis. These innovations are applied in a wide range of communication science purposes, such as the development and evaluation of chatbots for informational and lifestyle purposes, automated news analysis and classifications, virtual reality techniques for real-life training situations, near-field communication and geo-based nudging, and netwerk simulation models. In addition, I have strong expertise in a wide range of study methods, including experimental designs and randomized trials, focus-group interviews, and meta-analysis My research is sponsored by competitive grants (total allocation >21 million EUR) from national science organizations and Horizon2020.
  • Keywords:VULNERABLE GROUPS, EXPERIMENTAL STUDY, Language and literature (incl. information, documentation, library and archive sciences)
  • Disciplines:Elderly care, Medical informatics, Health counselling, Social behaviour and social action, Social perception and cognition, Other psychology and cognitive sciences not elsewhere classified, Communication research methodology, Interpersonal communication, Media and communication theory, Science and health communication, Health informatics, Human information behaviour, Digital media, Media audience research, Media research methodology, Computational linguistics
  • Research techniques:- Sensor data - Self-report data - Text data
  • Users of research expertise:- Healthcare professionals - Journalists - Politicians - Policy makers - Teachers