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Frederic Jan Mednick

  • Keywords:Educational sciences
  • Disciplines:Teacher education and professional development of educators, Comparative and international education, Educational technology, Curriculum and pedagogical theory and development, Methodology of pedagogical and educational research, Educational administration, management and leadership, Continuing education and lifelong learning, Secondary education, Civic learning and community development, Vocational education and training curriculum and pedagogics, In service and workplace training, Inclusive and special education, Philosophy of education, Education systems not elsewhere classified
  • Users of research expertise:
    • Leadership of non-profits and global networks in education and international development

    • Comprehensive educational reform through community building, partnerships, and teacher development

    • Scale and customization of educational leadership programs for schools, Ministries of Education, NGOs, and global agencies, including – but not limited to – strategic planning and implementation; mobilization of staff to achieve lasting and sustainable impacts

    • Effective and efficient technology solutions for teacher development, curriculum, and knowledge management for all stages of the education lifecycle

    • Consulting for corporations, non-profit organizations, foundations, and global agencies:  assessment of progress throughout the K-higher education cycle; education leadership in policy development and implementation; systems

    • Design and supervision of large-scale education initiatives, including global support networks, educational sustainability, institutional strengthening, and teacher communities of practice

    • Education delivery and teacher leadership for disaster risk reduction through prevention and planning, intervention, and educational reconstruction