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Emma-Louise Silva

  • Research interest:Emma-Louise Silva is a postdoctoral researcher aboard the ERC-project ‘Constructing Age for Young Readers’ led by Vanessa Joosen. Within the project she focuses on age studies, cognitive narratology, genetic criticism and philosophy of mind in children’s literature. She combines this role with a lecturing position at the University of Antwerp, where she teaches the ‘Joyce Seminar’, and where she assists with the courses ‘Introduction to the Study of Literature in English’, ‘Nineteenth-century Literature in English’, and ‘Twentieth-century Literature in English’. She defended her PhD on James Joyce in 2019, aiming to reassess the so-called ‘inward turn’ of Joyce’s modernist fiction by applying approaches formulated in philosophy of mind to Joyce’s oeuvre, within a framework that leans on cognitive narratology and genetic criticism.
  • Keywords:JAMES JOYCE, GENETIC CRITICISM, COGNITIVE NARRATOLOGY, PHILOSOPHY OF MIND, Language and literature (incl. information, documentation, library and archive sciences)
  • Disciplines:Literary studies, Theory and methodology of literary studies
  • Research techniques:Text Encoding (TEI)
  • Users of research expertise:Scholars and students of literature