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Cosmin Copot

  • Research interest:One of the main research topic is to develop visual servoing controllers and architectures and to investigate the human-robot interaction, which implies machine safety tasks and collaborative robots. Another research direction within the robotics laboratory is the use of robots/cobots in the biomedical area. One of the studies is accurate tracking position during radiotherapy, e.g. synchronization of the radiation focus to the movement of the lung tissue during breathing. In the last years, I have also investigated the problem of control of platoon vehicles in order to mitigate the stop and go effect on the highways. There is an increased interest from the automotive industry to employ control architectures which will contribute to the final product improvement.
  • Disciplines:Robotics and automatic control, Control engineering, Mobile and distributed robotics, Robot manipulation and interfaces, Robot structures
  • Research techniques:His expertize comprises development of dynamical models for systems and especially in applying modeling and control techniques. Within the area of mechatronics, modeling and control of robotic systems, the expertise is not just limited to the theoretical development of modeling, identification and control, but it also includes the implementation of these strategies in embedded systems. Besides classical PID control of mechatronic/robotic systems, more advanced techniques such as Model Predictive Control have been evaluated, providing important insight about the benefits of more advanced control algorithms in controlling of mechatronic/robotics systems. His research activities are in servoing systems, vision systems, auto-tuning and adaptive control, modeling and simulation, system identification, computer aided control systems design.
  • Users of research expertise:Flanders contains the most important industry from Belgium and autonomous systems are of great importance to achieve optimal production efficiency. Many Flemish companies are interested in investing in robotics and automation research field, from manufacturing companies that desire autonomous production cells, to machine constructors who aim at evolving their products towards fully autonomous machines.