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Chris Delgado Ratto

  • Research interest:Since 2005 I am involved in studies related to molecular epidemiology and population genetics of malaria parasites. Related to these topics, I have expertise on the study design, field work and molecular lab procedures and statistical and genetic data analysis and writing proposals. My current research activities rely on study design and data analyses in order to understand the malaria transmission dynamics and to perform molecular surveillance of drug resistance in the Peruvian Amazon but also in African countries and Vietnam. Moreover, I use molecular tools to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of antimalarial treatments and control/elimination programs. Besides research, I am strongly involved in capacity building on molecular epidemiology with Peruvian partner institutions as main beneficiaries (awarded with 3 VLIR projects during 2016-2021).
  • Disciplines:Molecular evolution, Population, ecological and evolutionary genetics, Parasitology, Genomics, Bioinformatics of disease, Infectious diseases, Bioinformatics and computational biology, Diagnostics, Immunology, Medical biochemistry and metabolism, Microbiology, Molecular and cell biology, Tropical medicine, Biostatistics, Epidemiology
  • Research techniques:I have experience with the study design of malaria molecular epidemiology studies like cross-sectional and cohort studies. I have experience working in the lab with molecular markers like microsatellites, SNPs and other types of polymorphic DNA sequences to perform the genotyping (molecular characterization) of malaria parasites using conventional PCR, real-time PCR, capillary electrophoresis and sequencing. Regarding genetic data analysis I have an extensive experience working with multiple genetic analysis packages like FSTAT, GenAlEx, LIAN, Structure, Genodive, Phyloviz, Network, eBurst, Migrate-n and Bottleneck. Regarding data management and statistical analyses, I use R, SPSS and Stata. (and teach courses of biostatistics using these software).
  • Users of research expertise:Malaria stakeholdersMedical scientistsBiologistsEpidemiologistsPublic Health stakeholdersPolicy makersCommunity