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Carola Strobl

  • Research interest  (University of Antwerp):Computer-Assisted Language Learning: researching, using and developing online resources for second language learning, with a special focus on (academic) writing and multimodal feedback;Collaboration, peer review and cross-level peer tutoring in second language writing;Impact of a study abroad experience on second language writing development;Corpus-based (contrastive) analysis of learner language (development), with a special focus on cohesion building in writing (languages: German, English);Corpus-based analysis of differences in cohesion building across languages in translation settings (languages: German, Dutch).
  • Keywords  (University of Antwerp):TRANSLATION STUDIES, LINGUISTIC ANALYSIS, LANGUAGE TEACHING, LANGUAGES (FOREIGN), CORPUS LINGUISTICS, Language and literature (incl. information, documentation, library and archive sciences)
  • Disciplines  (University of Antwerp):German language, Contrastive linguistics, Corpus linguistics, Language acquisition, Text linguistics, Translation and interpretation sciences
  • Disciplines  (Ghent University):Literary studies, Theory and methodology of language studies, Communication sciences, Other media and communications, Media studies, Journalism and professional writing
  • Research techniques  (University of Antwerp):Data collection methods:- Building, annotating and analysing corpora of written learner data (Exmaralda, LancsBox);- Screen- and voice-casting of writing and translation activities for process analysis (Morae, MyMediasite);- questionnaires and focus group interviews for research into attitude, self-efficacy beliefs, language use, etc.Quantitative data visualization and analysis (SPSS)Qualitative data analysis: Use of NVivo to discern patterns in qualitative dataMixed-method studies, triangulating process and product oriented quantitative and qualitative data.
  • Users of research expertise  (University of Antwerp):Language and translation students and teachers at tertiary and secondary education level