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Arthur Cools

  • Research Expertise:Research and evaluation assignments concerning philosophical questions in general, questions concerning contemporary philosophy, philosophy of art and philosophy of culture in particular.
  • Keywords:SUBJECTIVITY, IMAGINATION, REPRESENTATIONS, Philosophy (incl. moral science)
  • Disciplines:Theory and methodology of philosophy, Ethics, Philosophical aesthetics, Phenomenology, Philosophy of culture, Continental philosophy
  • Research techniques:Problemanalysis, discoursanalysis, evaluation of argumentation, evaluation of relevance, conceptual analysis, contextual analysis, intertextual analysis, genetic text/discoursanalysis, comparative text/discoursanalysis, hermeneutic text/discoursanalysis, examination of biases and presuppositions. Digital media, power point presentations, papers or published articles, textseminars, lectures, debates, reports.
  • Users of research expertise:Institutions, associations and individuals (such as higher schools of art, musea, artists or artlovers, philosophy clubs, political parties, ...) looking for advice or critical evaluation of their way of thinking, their efficiency and their identity and/or looking for a critical reflection on contemporary culture and society.