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Annemie Bogaerts

  • Research Expertise:Combination of experimental and computational research on plasmas and plasma-surface interactions for various applications: 1) Plasma-based gas conversion and plasma catalysis for CO2 conversion into value-added chemicals and fuels, N2 fixation from the air to produce building blocks for our life (e.g. fertilizers), CH4 conversion into H2 (and value-added carbon) and into higher hydrocarbons (e.g., ethylene, acetylene) and oxygenates,... This includes experiments in various types of plasma reactors to improve the conversion, selectivity and energy efficiency, as well as modeling the plasma chemistry, plasma reactor design and plasma-surface interactions. 2) Plasma treatment of cancer cells: pancreatic cancer, melanoma, glioblastoma, head and neck cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer,... Study of the mechanisms of selective cancer treatment by comparison with normal cells. In-vitro (on 2D but also 3D models, like spheroids and organoids, that more closely mimic tumors), in-ovo and in-vivo experiments, with various types of plasma sources. For cancer treatment, major focus is on the combination with immunotherapy, in collaboration with E. Smits (CORE). Besides cancer treatment, we also focus on virus killing. Besides experiments, we also perform computer modeling of the plasma chemistry in the various plasma sources, and of the interaction of plasma species with biomolecules. 3) Plasma-liquid interaction, for medical applications: Study of the behavior of plasma species in liquid. 4) Plasmas for analytical chemistry, materials science and micro-electronics applications: modeling the plasma chemistry for various gas mixtures and in various types of plasma reactors.
  • Disciplines:Physics of gases, plasmas and electric discharges, Physics of (fusion) plasmas and electric discharges, Physical chemistry, Chemistry of plasmas, Sustainable chemistry, Atmospheric chemistry, Environmental science and management, Environmental chemistry, Heterogeneous catalysis, Chemical kinetics and thermodynamics, Modelling, simulation and optimisation, (Bio)chemical reactors, Chemical process design, Air pollution and control, Cell death, Cell signalling, Cancer therapy
  • Research techniques:1) Various gliding arc plasma reactors, atmospheric pressure glow discharges, microwave plasmas and dielectric barrier discharge plasmas, as well as analysis equipment (GC, MS, non-dispersive IR/UR, optical sensors) for gas conversion. 2) Several plasma jets and DBD plasmas for direct treatment of cancer cells, or treatment of liquid media (plasma treated liquids, PTLs) to be used for treatment of cancer cells. Research in collaboration with Evelien Smits (Center for Oncological Research) and W. Vandenberghe (research group PPES, Biomedical Department) for cancer cell culture and characterization. 3) Various types of models: quasi-1D chemical reaction kinetics models, 2D/3D fluid dynamics simulations, Monte Carlo, particle-in-cell Monte Carlo, hybrid models, molecular dynamics, density functional theory simulations.
  • Users of research expertise:1) Chemical companies (interested in conversion of greenhouse gases and waste streams in value-added chemicals), Energy companies, Petrochemistry 2) Cancer researchers, hospitals 3) Microelectronics sector