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Anna Jorissen

  • Research interest:My research interests are to be situated in the area of accounting and corporate governance. Within the domain of accounting, my focus is on the area of management accounting and management control as well as on the topic of international accounting standard setting (IFRS) and the use of IFRS worldwide. In the domain of corporate governance my research activities are concentrated on the functioning of the board of directors and the information flows between the board of directors and management. In the domain of corporate governance, I was promotor-coördinator of the SBO project "Effective Governance of private enterprises" between 2009-2014. The companies included in the different research activities, range from multinationals, listed companies to family firms. These research activities led to publications in Accounting, Organizations and Society; Entrepreneurship, Theory and Practice; Family Business Research; Accounting and Business Research; Accounting in Europe; Journal of Accounting and Public Policy; Accounting in Europe; Journal of Small Business Management, Journal of Family Business Strategy; Corporate Governance: an international review; Journal of International Management. Current research activities are situated in the area of the Methusalem project DIGITAX, the SBO project "Strategic Change in Family Firms" and the use of IFRS for SMEs.
  • Keywords:IFRS, MANAGEMENT CONTROL, ACCOUNTING, CORPORATE GOVERNANCE, Economics and applied economics
  • Disciplines:Accounting and auditing
  • Research techniques:Methodologies I use to study research questions are archival research based on public data, survey research and case study research. I conduct both qualitative research studies and quantitative studies.
  • Users of research expertise:Accounting standard setters, regulators with respect to corporate governance; bussinesses and associations of businesses; associations of accountants